Weightlifting November: Mother Strength

November has started. Coming from Northern Europe, November has always been the worst month of all, like the Monday under the months: The final end of something amazing (summer/golden autumn) with something long and nasty (winther) ahead. After moving to Singapore, to the endless summer, November doesn´t hurt anymore at all. And this year, we edicate it to something amazing.

For the whole of November, we will test run the Eleiko Oylmpic Weightlifting Program. This means 3 days a week of pure strength training because #strongishappy. 

The structure will look as such:



  • Clean & Jerk
  • Push Press
  • Back Squat


  • Power Snatch
  • Frontsquat
  • Clean Pulls


  • Snatch
  • Power Clean
  • lift customized to individual need


Every stength session will and with a small accessoire workout containing gymnastics and core work.

We will follow the protocoll for 4 weeks and hope for some great progresses in our members numbers!


And where are the Metcons?!?

The Metcon ("metabolic conditioning"), the spicy bit at the end of every CrossFit class, is what makes most people walking through our door. Blowing some steam and leaving nothing behind is without a doubt: fun. It makes CrossFit so special. And yes, the combination of strength and condition training in one unit is efficient and effective. It improves everyones condition and strength. Otherwise, we would not call it "training".

However, the progress you can make in the seperat fields of physical abilities with only the Metcons is limited. It won´t prepare you for an Ironman nor for a powerlifting world record.* For this reason, we want to focus every now and then on one single thing. Just as we offered the rowing cycle or Mikko´s Triangle. Now it is strength. No more Metcons on that day. Really not.


But strength training only is boring!

Unfortunately, a lot of things creating long term value are boring. Studying for exampel (at least most of the time). Same for strength training. Especially the squats and presses might not excite you since the technical component is much smaller than for the Olys. But building a basic strength will pay of. It is like building you new home: You have to start with concrete and steal beams, ugly! But one day, you will be able to decorate the living room with the cute stuff you found on Pinterest.

Always remember: Strength is the mother of all physical skills!

Being strong will help you in every other discipline. I can´t think of any sport that wouldn´t benefit. And yes, also that muscle up will come - once you are strong!

One last quote by CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman to motivate you:

"If you think strength training is not important, remember that a lack of strength brings people into nursing homes."


One last question: Where is the deadlift in the programm?

Note that the program is created for Olympic Weightlifter. Generally, weightlifter do no do the conventional deadlift since the movement pattern is different from the leg drive we are asking for in the Clean and Snatch. Also, the power position in the hip pocket for the Olys is different from the end position in the deadlift. However, in future we will implement the deadlift again on a regular basis since it is an important component of CrossFit and a general (not Olympic Weightlifting specific) strength training.   

Stregth training is the fundament of CrossFit

Stregth training is the fundament of CrossFit

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