Snatching Woes


There are various types of relationships in life that can be rather complicated and I strongly believe most people have a particular love-hate relationship with at least one aspect of their lives. That is, a relationship with one self and a CrossFit movement(s).
As we all know from watching YouTube videos, social media or photos; weightlifting has always been a basic component of CrossFit and as basic as it sounds, not all seems so “basic” as I thought it would be. Amongst all the weightlifting movements, I personally struggle with one particular one the most; despite after 6 months of starting out. The damn SNATCH :-)
Despite that struggle, I love the Snatch movement and that love is nothing more from just getting that feeling of “high” watching a childhood fantasy of mine. Whaaat?!! You wonder? Let me explain. Watching these videos of professional Weightlifters, CrossFit Athletes or just me personally executing the snatch movement (regardless of how light the weight is) feel like him:
My favorite cartoon character lifting up that sword in the air. Electrifying everything around him. That MIGHTY feeling that sends shivers down your spine.
There we go….. Haha.

Nonsense aside. You may feel, watching an athlete executing the Snatch looks relatively straightforward but having to face-off with the barbell to lift some weight above the head is sickeningly difficult to me. Nothing actually prepared me to realize how many crucial steps there are in the entire Snatch movement, in order to finish it correctly in good form and the considerably shocking importance of shoulders/squat mobility.
Technique is something I do not exactly have right now and it is a constant struggle for me with shoulders mobility. But by racking up the weights on the barbell during weightlifting sessions in classes, is also not helping me getting the technique right either.
Although the Coaches will constantly tell you to stay true but in all honesty, the real battle is well within our ego and what’s in our head. This, I came to realize. In order to improve, the only way is to step back to the basics and spending time in the world of - Lacrosse balls, foam rolling, shoulder mobility exercises, stretching, functional Snatch practices and Overhead Squats practices. With of course my best friends: - Mr PVC Pipe or Miss Empty Barbell.
As technical and as complicated as the Snatch sounds, the true opinionated answer to a good Snatch is plainly getting it right by doing it light. And I hate not doing it right. Practice, practice, practice…… Work it, work it work it.
“You must learn to love the Snatch” 3 Time Olympian & Ex-GB National Coach, Mike Pearman.