The benefit of a CrossFit box over a regular gym


I'm aware of that one big hurdle that comes with joining a CrossFit gym: The membership fee. I know that we are talking about numbers that make pretty much everyone of us thinking twice. At least. When I started CrossFit, I was a student, doing an technically unpaid internship in New York City, the most expensive city in the world. Boxes there charged up to 300US-$ per month, which equals to almost 420 Singapore Dollar. It took me a while to accept. If I was able to, so are you!
A regular gym can not replace a CrossFit box. But this is totally an insight view, or in other words: You must have seen both worlds. On the first glance, the box seems even poorly equipped in comparison to the gym. When there is no treadmill, how do I run in the heat, dark or heavy rain? When there is machines, how do I train my biceps isolated because, well, that is the muscle that's important for my look? Do I really have to learn all these complex free weight exercises, only because you didn't invest in the equipment? And also, the CrossFit box might miss out some comfort: 24/7, sauna or isotonic drinks. And again: It is still more expansive?! Doesn';t seem to be a good deal then. But in this calculation you miss out an important, if not the most important factor: The fitness level you can achieve. 
We all want to be fit right? Fitness is permanently required, and live is much better when you can participate in everything because no weakness, tiredness or even sickness holds you back. To everyone who goes to the gym to become fitter I want to say: Great, whenever you get physically active,  you have already done a lot for your health! And it doesn't even have to be the gym - go for a walk or do yoga. You don't need to get out of breath to take some small
actions against our inactive everyday life. But if you want to come anyhow close to what the human body is able (and supposed) to do, CrossFit is the training method without alternative. 
We are made for the "real sports" - heavy, fast, intense. Things you don't see people do in a regular gym for different reasons - because they don't have the space, the equipment, the instruction, the knowledge, the motivational environment. Before I started CrossFit (I apologize by the way for talking that much about myself - let's keep in mind that my story is one of thousands quite similar), I went to the gym almost daily for more than 5 years. I
moved weights and ran long distances. I thought I was fit and so did people around me. Then days came I had to move a barbell from to floor above my head, in combination with sprints and jumps. I had to do pull ups and push ups in high two or even three digit numbers, or climb a rope. And I didn't do really well in the beginning! Noticing that you have been actually pretty weak in a physical and mental way all the time is not the best of all feelings. Ok, the stuff I did before gave me a kind of basis. Still I wasted time, no doubt about that. 

So in conclusion: Yes, there are some pro-gym arguments. But the training environment a CrossFit box provides can't be outweighed by money or a drinking flat rate (btw: of course we will offer free water as well).