6 Talents every successful CrossFitter has

Female CrossFitter performing a boxjump

Female CrossFitter performing a boxjump


What to bring to make it a sport that diverse? Of course, there is not theCrossFit-role model, but you can break it down to a few key characteristics.

1. Being short

The average CrossFit Games athlete is around 1.70 - 1.74 meter - and I am talking about the males! Being short means a short range of motion. Everything takes lesser time and the leverage for gymnastics is beneficial. Especially short arms are nice to have. Disadvantages only for running, jumping and rowing - last-mentioned can be make up for by being heavy. Which leads me to point 2.


2. Having a basic strength

We all know these kids who are strong by nature and grow muscles with ease. You need this base to go fast to barbell WOD´s or hit high numbers in the pure strength test. As short as the Games athletes may be - they come with an average 90 kilo body weight of pure muscle mass. 

3. Being explosive

You need a high percentage of fast twitching muscle fibers, required for sprints, jumps and the large number of movements that depend on the hip opening (Olys, kipping gymnastics etc.). Having more fast or more low twitching fibers is, unfortunately, genetic.


4. Being mobile

You want to do a lot of Olympic weightlifting and squatting, so your shoulder better has a big range of motion and your hips and ankles are super flexible.


5. Having a good hand-eye- coordination

We don´t do isolated movements. Wen snatching or doing a thruster, you should know how upper and lower body, how the limbs can work together in the most efficient way.

6. Coming with a warrior mindset

Last but not least, you must work like a horse. You must be very resistant against pain, which doesn´t only mean having a good ability to recover physically. High level CrossFitter are the mentally toughest persons we can find. You must really love it - and yes, coming with a bit of a masochistic nature.