Crossfit Beginner Series 2



What actually happens or: The fear of the first time

In the first text of this series, I was talking about the anxieties many beginners face with before starting CrossFit. In most cases it is not the fear of suffering too much but getting embarrassed by failing all these physical tasks. 

Humans are naturally afraid of starting something they don't have a clear imagination about. We are nervous before starting university or a new job. We then get more comfortable with the situation once we know how a lecture is held or more about an exam, or when and where our colleagues do their lunch break and how our desk looks like.  So knowing the structure of a typical CrossFit class might help to take away some of those fears.

Here is the classic class structure in CrossFit:

- The Warm Up
Getting the heart rate up, mobilising the joints, warming up the muscles and get a sense for the coming movement; the warm up contains easy cardio such as rowing or running, mobility and stretching and fun stuff like animal crawls.

- The Skill/Strength
Here you either do the powerlifts (squats, presses, deadlift) with low, moderate or heavy weights. Or the olympic lifts (clean & jerk, snatch) - from technique training to new PR's. And then there is all the gymnastics like pull ups, hand stand push ups, muscle ups and so on - we work on our technique and efficiency or learn scaling options in case you cannot master a movement yet. Also common for the 2nd part of the CrossFit class: core training, accessory work or something really surprising :-)

- The WOD
The Workout of the Day is what CrossFit is about. Here you receive a physical task that you have to complete as fast as possible. There are countless ways on how this can be designed. Check our CrossFit A-Z to get an impression. Whatever the WOD is: It is meant to test your fitness - and leaves you sweaty with the great feeling of accomplishment. 

- The Cool Down
You shut down your PC instead of just pressing the power button. The same way, you need to help your body to get back into a state of calmness. Get rid of the lactate in you body and slow down your pulse and mind. A walk, jog, stretching and the foam roller can help you.

You will be able to participate in everything during this 60 minutes. I promise! You won't get embarrassed, overcharged, bored or whatsoever. It has been the best of hour of the day for so many thousands people before you, and will be for you. Just be open minded and enjoy our nice community!