Crossfit Beginner Series 3



All the gear you need

Regarding the big variety of different disciplines CrossFit contains, you might wonder what kind of clothes and accessories you will need to suit all its facets. In the end, it is an individual choice and you will experiment a lot. Still I want to try to give a few advices about Must-Haves and stuff that might come in handy at some point. 

The Shoes
The shoe is without a doubt the most important gear in every kind of sports. Which shoe could be used for weightlifting, running, jumping and climbing at the same time?  Well, a good CrossFit shoe should be like a good CrossFit athlete: Not on point for a very specific field, but doing quite well in everything. 

There is pretty much only two "official CrossFit shoes" on the market: The Reebok Nano (already in its 6. generation) and the Nike Metcon. Both are real multi-talents and worth every dollar. If you decide to stick to CrossFit, I really recommend you to get you a pair - the decision between Reebok and Nike is just a matter of taste.

Just to get started with CrossFit, any pair of comfortable shoes is fine - might be running shoes, shoes for fitness, team sports or even Chucks (which are by the way quite popular even with advanced powerlifter). 

Shirts & Shorts
Here the same applies for the shoes: Whatever is comfortable to you, is the right choice for CrossFit. Just make sure shirts are not too tight on your shoulders since they have to rotate freely for lifts and gymnastics. Some people prefer long pants and/or even knee socks to protect their shins from the barbell and climbing ropes. Ladies: A sports bra that provides strong support is needed! 
PS: For some reason, taking off the shirt became a style in CrossFit. So feel free to work out topless.
Knee Sleeves
Needed or not for CrossFit? Knee sleeves provide some benefits: They provide mechanical support for the joint, warmth (which might not be a very important aspect in Singapore), a better sense for the joint position, movement and compression for an improved blood flow. However, this applies especially for heavy loads and high pressure on the knee. At the beginner's stage, this investment is not necessary.

Weightlifting Belts
Another often discussed accessory in CrossFit. Weightlifting belts are not only meant to protect the spine. They also can literally increase the weight you are able to lift or squat with a special technique which is "breathe into the belt" that improves the tension in your whole body tremendously. But this is not as easy as it sounds! The right use is something to learn and practice. Be aware of that before you take a belt for each and every lift! 

Pull up gripes
Hands are a serious issue in CrossFit! Iron, chalk and sweat will test your palms. I am not a big fan of too much fancy gear in my gym bag, but living without my pull up grips became unimaginable to me. Before getting them, I even had to take breaks from training regularly caused by blister and wounds. It is one thing I recommend without exception!

We could have an endless extension to this list, for example wrist wraps, straps, elbow sleeves, hair band, tape, thumb protection ... just experiment yourself with what makes your life easier.