CrossFit beginner series 5



"My ___________ is sore"; - how often and how to recover?

CrossFit such as any other form of training based on 3 columns: The training, the nutrition and the recovery. Since the high intensity of the training is a key factor of its effectiveness, recovery is a crucial role in order to keep training.

The most important component is without a doubt the sleep. Even thought it is said that the required amount of sleep varies from human to human, I think everyone who works out seriously should try to make it to 8 - 9 hours each night, 10 hours at a higher performance level in CrossFit even. According to recent studies, the Singaporean sleep for approx. 7 hours and 24 minutes in average - the lowest duration of all nations. The half hour that is missing already makes a difference! So try to condition yourself to go to bed at a decent time (we are coffee lover as well but it is for sure not a long term solution).

There is a lot of ways to aid your recovery: Foam rolling, sauna, yoga, massages and fancy things such as cryotherapy, electric muscle stimulators etc. It all can be a good addition but wouldn't help if your sleep is insufficient. 

Needless to say that nutrition and supplementation have great impact at the recovery as well - but this a pretty complex topic for another blog article.

Another frequently asked question refers to the amount of CrossFit sessions per week. We can only answer this by giving guideline values - another time the individual's physical condition and daily schedule plays the main role. I often read this: 2 times a week to maintain a given fitness level, 3 times to improve slowly but steady, 4 to 5 times to get to
a intermediate level.  (On a professional level, a workload up to 30 hours each week is not an exception. But consider this as a fun fact.)

In general: Listen to your body. If your night was short, if you couldn't refuel properly for any reason, if you are totally sore from the last work out (which will happen especially in the beginning), then don't stress yourself. Do some gentle cardio, technique training or stay away from the gym and do whatever makes you happy.