Crossfit Beginner Series 6



CrossFit with and against overweight - a FAQ

A considerable number of beginner start CrossFit for weight loss purpose. And that is the best decision possible! There are other ways that might seem more comfortable, but you will not regret anything. Have a look at my short FAQ first.


How does CrossFit help me with weight loss?

I believe CrossFit can support a diet in 4 different ways:

1. The training itself burns calories. If the calorie consumption of your activity exceeds the intake, you lose body weight. That simple.
2. High intense, full body exercising leads to a extended post exercise consumption, also known as the afterburn effect. So you will burn energy even hours after the WOD.
3. You build up muscles which have higher "expenses" than body fat. In other words: The body uses more energy to provide them nutrition. Also, caused by its structure and allocation, muscle mass gives you a leaner, fit look.
4. CrossFit gives you a positive body image and (re) awakes natural instincts; Actually, your body knows how to eat well and wants to be active. We just taught it bad habits by living a bad lifestyle. Regular training brings you back on track.

How many calories do I burn within a CrossFit WOD?

This question is as popular as impossible to answer. What you burn not only depends on the WOD - its length, its rep scheme, the choices of exercises, the given weights and so on. It is also an individual thing: Age, gender, size, fitness level, body composition, current mood ... or the outside temperature even.

Let's assume that you burn anything around 400 to 800 calories per session. A realistic guess. And then there is the consumption in the hours afterwards that is even harder to estimate - but could be even higher. In any case, you burn a lot. However, just a pizza for dinner and Ben & Jerry's for dessert can play a pivotal role and might lead to weight gain. So always focus on a proper nutrition!


Is there a supplement that could support my weight loss?

I promise: If there were one that really works, you would have heard about it in the news. There is a broad offer in the shops with ingredients such as L-Carnitin or green tea. If it works at all, probably in a dimension that is not anyhow measurable. Better spend your money on something useful or at least enjoyable. 


Can I even do CrossFit if I am overweight or is it bad for my joints?

Everyone has concerns before starting CrossFit, even the skinny ones. I keep saying this: There is no human being that wouldn't benefit from the training in a physical as well as in a mental way! Of course, there are dynamic movements, jumps and squat variations. If any of these lead to knee problems, we'll find a substitution. Never go on with training while ignoring pain - this is a rule for everyone.


How long will it take me to see results?

I am confident to say that you improve in every training session anyhow, at least in terms of performance. How long it will take you to see the first optical progress is again very individual. With consequent training and (even more important!) decent nutrition, you should definitely see first results within a few weeks.