How to do … Doubleunders

Doubleunders - be prepared for frustration!

Doubleunders - be prepared for frustration!


I was thinking we could to another little series about some of those moves you want to get to finally RX your workouts. Let's start with something that drives a lot of us nuts: The Double Under


What it is

A Double Under a rope skip, with every jump passes the rope the feet twice. The goal is to get several unbroken reps: Normally, there are amounts of 20 - 50 programmed in WOD's, benchmarks like the "Tripple Three" include up to 300 Doubleunders.

Where the problem lies

It is simply a question of rhythm. Ok, once you can string a few together, you have to progress by improving your stamina. But just mastering the Double Under in the first place requires the right speeding of spinning from the hand and jumping with the legs.

How to practice

My number One tip to learn the Double Under: Get your own rope! Of course our box offers you high quality speed ropes, but having your personal one in your optimal length is a huge plus. It is all about trust in the gear.
Other than that, learning Double Unders is one of the most frustrating experiences in a CrossFitters life circle. There is no real progression or scaling option, you just have to actually DO it! I practiced 20 minutes each day and on Sundays 1 hour only dedicated to the rope, so I got them within 2 months. Today it is one of my favorites and I can do 100+ reps easily (the world record lies in approx. 5min unbroken I believe).
I know that you will have wipe marks everywhere, and days where you feel like you finally got it and days you feel like you lost it completely again. Don't get upset. We've all been there, and we've all overcome it. So can you! Just a few little hints:
- The rope has to have the correct length: Step one (!) food on it, than close the feet and pull the rope vertical op. The handles just end at your lower chest. Beginner might prefer a slightly shorter rope.
- Start with Single Unders and simply jump a little higher every now and then.
- Jump higher by generating more power from the calves - not by tucking your feet!
- Jump without the rope. Whenever your feet left the floor, clap your hand two times on your tights. That is exactly the rhythm you need.
- Your arms are relaxed with your hands slightly in front of the body. The spin of the rope comes from the wrist, not from the shoulder.

Good luck and success!