How to do … Toes2Bar

Toes to the bar - a proof of a well developed core

Toes to the bar - a proof of a well developed core


What it is

You just hang from the pull up bar and slam your toes to the bar! Sounds simply, and for some people it is from the first day on. Others might have a difficult time to squeeze out even one rep. I was one of the last mentioned.

Where the problem lies

Of course T2B require some core strength. Your abs do the main work to bring your feed up there, but other body parts can support them a lot. The idea is to bring yourself behind the bar by kind of pushing it away from you, becoming really small and compact and then just kick up your legs - by this you really short the range of motion. But the so called "kip" calls for a good motor control. You need to understand what "active shoulder" means, you need strength and tension in shoulders and your lat. Finally, a good hamstring mobility plays an important
rule as well.

How to practice

Start with strengthening your core, especially the lower packs are in charge for these kind of leg raising activities. Try candles, L-Sits with parallets or on the floor, Dragon Flags or Hanging Leg Raises. Try to increase the range of motion, tuck in your knees and get them closer and closer to the chest.

Parallel, practice the kipping. Press the bar away from your body - it is like a Hollow Rock Hold in the hang - with your arms straight and your core tight. The strength is generated from your shoulder, lats and upper back. Now bring it together: a) Pressing me behind the bar + b) Pulling my knees to the chest and c) finally kick my feed up to the bar. 
Again: Make yourself as small as possible. Don't think about lengthening your legs to reach the bar. The goal is becoming a tiny package and from there kicking my toes up, as fast as possible. As usual, break it down in manageable tasks and you are halfway there.