How to get better at the Assault bike

Love it or hate it: The AirBike

Love it or hate it: The AirBike

The Assaultbike might not be everyone's favorite machine. But as exhausting as it is, as much do we benefit from it in terms of building a strong endurance and stamina foundation. In any case, if you are interested in doing CrossFit competitive, you need to master the AirBike.

Here are a few quick tips how to:



#1: The right setting

 The perfect setting is crucial to get the most efficient ride possible, so take a few moments to find yours. You can adjust the saddle horizontal and in its height.
For the correct height, stand next to the seat, with your legs extended and feet closed. The saddle should be slightly above your hip joint. When sitting and having the middle (!) of your food at the pedal, with the pedal turned all the way to the bottom position, your leg should be straight.
You can find the correct horizontal setting by sitting and leaning the upper body forward by 10 - 20 degree. Put one hand on the handle and push it all the way to the front. Your arm should have a slight bending in the elbow now.

#2: The pressure point of the food

 The food should stand with the front part, respectively the ball of the toes, on the pedal. From this point, you can generate the most force with your legs.

#3: Push and Pull

The push and pull principle is well known by every cyclist. At the racing bike, you can realize this by the fixation of the shoes in the pedal. At the Assaultbike, we can generate pressure by kicking with our legs and perform the pulling with the arms at the handles.

#4: Control your upper body

Often you see athletes putting their heads down while sprinting at the Assaultbike and throwing it from one side to the other. In addition, their elbows flare around the body, turned to the outsides.  Quite inefficient!
A slight rotation of the torso is no problem at all, but should be controlled at all time to prevent energy waste. Always hold your head upright and the arms as close to the body as possible.

#5: Use your watt for orientation

While we orientate us at the strokes per minute at the rowing machine, the watt is the most important indicator at the Assault AirBike. Here are some guide values: 

For men:
Easy: 200 – 350 Watt
Hard: 350 – 600 Watt
Sprint: 600 – 1000 Watt
For women:
Easy: 100 – 250 Watt
Hard: 250 – 500 Watt
Sprint: 500 – 700 Watt
Note: These are approximate values only! In general: The heavier an athlete is, the more watt he will be able to generate (this btw does not say anything about his or her endurance.)