Member Spotlight: Dimitris

Always smiling: Dimitris

Always smiling: Dimitris

We have that new thing starting: A "Member in the Spotlight" to present the faces of our community, to show what different kind of human being share the passion for CrossFit. One of our beloved founding member Dimitris is going to be the first spotted. Born and raised in Cyprus, Dimitris (or ‘D’ as used to be called) had always been active from an early age; playing basketball and football as most kids did at the time. His true love, however, were the outdoors; spending most of the time hiking and camping out. By the time he turned 18 years, duty summoned him back to Greece to serve in the army. And then at age 20 Dimitris moved to the UK to pursue his studies where he would eventually stay for 8 years before returning back to Greece for work. It was also the beginning of his career in the shipping industry.
In our member feature, we spent some time with Dimitris and asked him to tell us about himself.

What brought you to Singapore, how long will you be here and where are you staying now?

There was an opportunity that was introduced to me to grow within the shipping industry in Singapore, and here I am. For now, I should be here indefinitely. Singapore is a great place. I live at Lakeside in the West too, which is a bit far from the rest of Singapore.

How long have you been doing CrossFit and what were you doing before CrossFit?

I used to go to the gym on and off throughout the past few years but I spent about a year and a half doing amateur boxing back in Champ House Tigran, Athens. My coach back then came in 4th place in the Sydney Olympics too.
I found CrossFit at White Box CrossFit in Athens for about a month before moving to Singapore, where now, I have been with Set Free CrossFit ever since I arrived. Since my work is mostly in Jurong, and living in Lakeside, SetFree’s location is perfect for me! I now come for CrossFit four times a week after work.

What do you like most about CrossFit so far?

I love the excitement, the high intensity, team drive and the results especially after the workout. It definitely makes going to a gym so boring and plain now. I have seen changes in my body aesthetically and has really helped me calm the mind after a typical stressful 8am to 7pm work day!

What is your most favorite and least favorite movement?

My favorite has to be the Power Snatch! I feel like a powerhouse beast when I pull it off. By no means do I stack on the weight, but with the Set Free coaching I have received, I have seen great improvements in my technique which incidentally has led to increasing the weight since my confidence has grown.
My least favorite movement, the Strict Press. But, it is a necessary evil though to build that
shoulder strength!

What does the voice inside your head tell you in the middle of a grinding WOD?

Keep pushing! No pain no gain!

What would you prefer; a 3 round Heavy barbell sprint or a 20 minute AMRAP with running?

Oh, definitely the AMRAP with running.

Would you like to tell us what is in your gym bag?

Easy! A small towel, 2 Tees, gym shorts, socks, my Reebok CrossFit shoes (yes, I am a victim of their marketing), my Set Free hand grips and of course my protein shake for after the WOD!

Complete this sentence, ‘Everyone should do CrossFit because…’

1)    You suck if you don’t
2)    You can tell your friends you do CrossFit!
3)    (Ok, seriously now) It pushes your limits. It takes your fitness to the next level and more importantly it is a functional sport that can be used in everyday life.

Describe Set Free CrossFit in 3 words.

Challenging, Determination and Family!

Dimitris has become one of our most committed members, pushing himself every time he comes in for the 8pm class. Come in and say hi!