The etiquette of CrossFit

CrossFit - a world on its own

CrossFit - a world on its own


#1: Chalk your hand above the bucket!

The lesser chalk we have flying around, the better. It is a very fine dust that leaves a kind of film everywhere. No one wants to stand up from a burpee looking like a snowman. 


#2: Stay till the last!

Finished an AFAP WOD and there are still people working? Go and cheer them to the last rep. And if that is not your nature, (don't force it and) at least don't clean up your equipment already. This is not a global gym, we want to create and encouraging environment.


#3: Remember your score!

No, we don't want to put pressure on anyone. But making fitness measurable is the idea of CrossFit. People around you have the courage to step forward to the blackboard and give their numbers - so can you.


#4: Don't cheat on yourself!

Chin not above the bar - then it's not a pull up. Hip crease not below knee - then it's no squat, wall ball or thruster. And 21 reps is and will always be 21 reps and not 20 or 18. So don't miss judge and miss count on purpose because ... why should you actually?


#5: Go topless!

It is totally fine to take off your shirt in a WOD (or don't even put one on from the beginning). This is not a spa, our facility can deal with some sweat. If you leave puddles and lakes behind, please tell the coaches to mob vet spots for everyone's safety. 


#6: Never drop an empty barbell

Unless you are not an elite Olympic lifter. It is a totally unnecessary act that is harmful to the bar. Also, don't smash the end when you unload - consider the following video!