The secret codes of CrossFit


As I said a while ago, CrossFit is a sport as well as a parallel universe with a lot of codes, symbols and rituals that might seem questionably from the outside perspective. Let's take a look at all that things you were always wondering about.


Why 21 - 15 - 9?

Not only the Fran, the by far most important benchmark WOD in CrossFit, consist on the rep scheme 21 - 15 - 9. Usually pared with two or at most three movements, 21 - 15 - 9 is a pattern that appears again and again and again. Why? No one knows. The best answer I found in the depth of the internet: "Because it works."


Why do CrossFitter wear knee socks?

Are they coming with compression function? In most cases no. Still there is more than the look that benefits us in CrossFit: All our lifts, may it be the deadlift, clean or snatch, are supposed to be executed with the bar close to our body - including the shins. Their thin skin tends to get ripped by iron shifting along it in high reps, so knee socks are a useful protection. Also our specific rope climb technique challenges the skin at our calves side. Solution: Knee socks!


What does 74 stand for?

The number 74 is part of the design of many CrossFit shirts, shorts and shoes, often combined with the short cut CF. While the meaning of CF should be obvious, 74 keeps being a myth. A theory tells that Greg Glassman, the father of CrossFit, started to develop the revolutionary coaching approach in the year of 1974. True or not? Probably we'll never know. 


CrossFit Hero workouts - where does the hype come from?

The Heroes are benchmark WOD's, and there are plenty of them. Heroes are named after real existing persons - US-american soldiers, firefighters and police men who died while serving their country. Since especially the military is of high importance to the Americans, doing the Hero workouts is of great symbolic value to them.


Why do CrossFitter like to take off their shirts?

Often said: It allows the arms to move more freely. And of course it's less hot. Not so often said: Presenting a well shaped body gives confidence and signalizes the competition: I should be taken seriously!


What is Rich doing?

What Michael Phelps is for swimming or Usain Bolt for the sprint, Rich Froning Jr. is for the CrossFit scene. The former firefighter won The Games four times in a row as an individual and still would win if he hadn't switched to compete in a team (needles to say that also his team CrossFit Mayhem won all of his Games attendances). 
So what does get him there? No one knows. In any case, Rich inspires CrossFitter even on the highest level all over the world. Jason Khalipa, one his strongest competitors, even put the handwritten notice "What's Rich doing?" on the wall in his training space. So whenever he looses the drive and energy, he gets reminded of that one animal at the other side of the country who must train in a way human mind can't even think about.