Some quick fixes for the Squat Snatch

Ok, we got it, the Squat Snatch is not everyones favorite. At the same time, it is fun to learn and master, at least it gives a cool shot for your Instagram. Here are some quick tipps for every position and action within the lift.


Find your grip with

There are several ways how you can find your perfect Snatch grip. An easy version is to grap an empty bar. Let your arms hang down relaxed. Now do a shrug. In a perfect Snatch grip, the bar should be directly at your hip bone. If you grap to narrow, it will be below. If you grap to far, it will be way above it. Take a look at this short tutorial to understand:




starting position.jpg

The Starting Position

It seems so easy but that´s where many people really mess it up . Keep in mind that a lift will never be perfect if the starting position is not already. Focus on the following points:

  • The bar is close to your shins. Beginner can retain a small gap, to make it easier to get the knee out of the (see 1st Pull).
  • The shoulder is above the bar. Lifter with long femurs can have them slighly in front.
  • Have the butt low - lower than for the Clean, much lower than for the Deadlift. But don´t sink down so much that you can´t feel your hamstrings anymore.
  • Turn your knuckles down. It will help you later to keep the bar close (see 3rd Pull).
  • Arms locked.
  • Back straight, lock your lats, tighten everything up, take a deep breath.
  • Eyes up as well!



after 1st pull.jpg

The 1st Pull

With the first pull, you simply get the bar off the ground. You can take your time on that, the speed will be generated later. Consider:

  • The bar stays close to the shin.
  • Get the knee out of the way, do not travel around it.
  • Hip and chest are rising at the same time, or in other words, keep the ankle in your hip the same.
  • Once you reach the knee, your legs are almost locked, you should really feel your hamstrings. 
  • The shoulder is in front of the bar.



power position.jpg

2nd Pull to Power Position

This is where you start to speed up. The 2nd Pull is the final preparation for the explosition.

  • The bar stays close to the tights.
  • The knees re-bend - by this, the hip ankle gets smaller and you have more room to open it aggressevly.
  • The shoulder is behind the bar.



3rd pull.jpg

The 3rd Pull

This is where the magic happens! Remember that the Snatch is not about pulling a bar above your head, but jumping it up and getting under it!

  • You will have a tripple extension of hip, knees and ankles.
  • Once you created the momentum by the extension and the bar becomes weightless (ish), your arms can start to pull. Keep the ellbows high and outside so the bar stays close to your upper body all the time.
  •  You can make contact with your hip, however, make sure you do not kick the weight away from you. If you have to jump after the bar, you have lost the game.
  • You can lean back to increase the impulse, but keep in mind that you will need to be faster in order to get under the bar again. Only use that technique if you know you are fast and mobile in your squat.



in the whole.jpg

The Receiving Position

A tricky, almost akward position for a lot of people. After getting the bar up in the air, we have to pull ourselves under it and receive it in an overhead squat. A movement that requires good body awareness and, most important, mobility. Here are some key points:

  • The moment your feet land, your arms lock out. No pressing!
  • Keep the arms locked out, actively press against the weight.
  • You may wanne set your feet wide apart if you find yourself being less mobile in hips and shoulders.
  • The bar is somewhere above your feet. Otherwise, it either falls down behind or in front of you.
  • Take your time while sitting "in the whole", be 110% stabilized before you stand up.