1st anniversary - time flies!

1st anniversary.png

Unbelievable but we are already turning 1! Exactly 12 months back from now, we have opened our doors for the very first time. I had never been that nervous before in my whole life. 

And this was Set Free CrossFit´s first ever WOD:

11 minute AMRAP

Buy in: 1/2 mile run (timceap: 4:30min)

2min rest

remaining time: AMRAP Goblet Squat (32/24kg)


We already had a fully booked 7pm class on that day, and needless to say that it rained when we planed a running WOD. But this should happened many more times in tropical Singapore and we learned to improvise. 

Just like we learned so many things together with our members. Being twentysomethings with no experience in running a business, but with so much passion for the sport, Set Free CrossFit turned out to be a huge success after all.

This is what drove us to found our little gem:

  • Bringing CrossFit to the West of Singapore - with actually already 17 boxes in town, there was a very uneven distribution and clustering in Central and East Singapore. We wanted to give people in the West an opportunity to discover the Sport of Fitness
  • Creating a huge, generous place to exercise. We know that rents are high on our little island, but we still want to have space around us when throwing heavy things
  • Equip a CrossFit box with everything you need to even make it to high level competition like the Regionals. But even if you do not plan on competing - we still want to show you the amazing varity of CrossFit. That´s why we got everything for weightlifting, conditioning, gymnastics, strongman, rehab, mobility or even bodybuilding like training. And: We only purchase from marked leading provider to meet international standards
  • Giving each and everyone the best coaching we can offer, in every single class. Only because CrossFit is a group sport doesn´t mean we cannot taylor our coaching to individual needs. Wether you need super detailed technical advises - or just a push in a grinding WOD. We have it all. We are eager to be consistent in our quality 
  • More seminars, more education for us, our staff and Singapore. This is why we corporate with the CrossFit and Eleiko education team. Because exercise science progresses like any other field, and we will keep pace
  • A drama free, friendly environment where everyone can have his or her best hour of the day
  • Love for the details: Free shampoo, protein powder, coffee, a small libary, pet shrimps - Set Free CrossFit is a project coming directly from our heart. And you can see that


We want to thank our business partners such as (only few exampels from many) Richard from Eleiko, Josh from Nutrition Asia, Mark from Appointman, Roy and Oona from Interlocal Center, Coca Cola Singapore, our supporting family and friends and, last but by far not least, our members who made Set Free CrossFit the best place on earth. We enjoy every single minute we can spend with you guys! Thanks for all the hard work, sweat and smiles - #riseboave. Let´s rock another year together!