The ultimate CrossFit Open FAQ

The CrossFit Open is probably the biggest sport event in human history regarding the number of participants. In 2017, more than 300.000 CrossFitter around the world signed up, in 2018 we expect even more. Here are some frequently asked questions about the event around the corner.


What are the CrossFit Open?

The CrossFit Open are the first stage of the CrossFit Games, a multi-level competition to find the fittest man and woman on eart

For 5 consecutive weeks from end of February until April, there will be a WOD published on every Thursday night. Attendees have 4 days to do the workout and submit their score online.

The Top-Athletes in their Region (the world is seperated into different regions, but this changes every year to it´s not worth to go into details about this - we in Singapore are currently located in the Pacific Region - Asia + Australia/New Zealand) qualify for the next stage, the CrossFit Regionals. Depending on the Region, 1 to 5 competitors from this competition qualify for the final stage, the CrossFit Games.

So when doing the CrossFit Open, you are a part of the Games season, of a big movement to test fitness and enable people to compare themselves with the rest of the world.


When do the CrossFit Open 2018 take place?

The schedule for the CrossFit Open 2018 looks as such:

  • 18.1: 22. - 26. February 2018
  • 18.2: 1. - 5. March 2018
  • 18.3: 8. - 12. March 2018
  • 18.4: 15. - 19. March 2018
  • 18.5.: 22. - 26. March 2018


What are the requirements to sign up for the Open?

None, you don´t even have to be a member of an affiliate. When doing the WOD, you need a judge that has completed the CrossFit Judge Online Course to validate your score, but also that person doesn´have to be an affiliate owner, coach, member or the like.


Are they different age groups?

Yes. No worries, as a senior citizen, you don´t have to compete with twentysomethings! Next to the regular Man/Woman Elite (18-35 years old), there is also offered:

  • Man/Woman 35-39 years
  • Man/Woman 40-44 years
  • Man/Woman 45-49 years
  • Man/Woman 50-54 years
  • Man/Woman 55-59 years
  • Man/Woman 60+

and the Teenage divisions (14/15 and 16/17 years old).


How much is it?

The registration fee for the CrossFit Open is US-$20 (appr. 26,45 SGD). 


How can I sign up?

Everythig is done online. Visit:

You need an acount at Payment is made by credit card. You have time to sign up until February 26.


What if I can´t do a muscle up?

The number 1 question. Yes, so far there were either ring or bar muscle ups in every CrossFit Open. Depending on how the WOD is designed, you might be able to perform every movment until you reach the muscle up - and then either stop or (recommended!) keep trying. There are hundreds of #firstmuscleup stories from the Open. Don´t underestimate the wings you grow in a competition setting.

The other possibility is to do the scaled version that is offered with every Open WOD. This one will be guaranteed without muscle ups or other complex movements and heavy weights. You will just be ranked under everyone who did the WOD RX´d.

Edward kipping edited.png


How do I sign up for the Scaled Open?

There is no such thing as a "Scaled Open". With every WOD, you can decide if you want to go for the scaled or RX division.


What if I miss one Open WOD?

Your score will be submitted with 0 and you will fall in the overall Open ranking. If you are not going for a Regional spot, that might not bother you - doing only the WOD´s you can do is better than nothing!


Do I have to film myself?

Unless you are not going for the Top 100 in your Region (you normally should be aware about your chances), a video submission is not required. The score vailidation by a certified judge is sufficient.


I am new to CrossFit - is there a point in doing the Open?

Absolutely! You don´t have to hesitate at all - the scaled version is designed in a way that really every healthy human being can do the WOD´s. You might have no chances in getting anywhere close to the Regional qualification, but I promise, you will still get into the competition mood, and you will outperform yourself multiple, multiple times! Just the comperision e.g. with your town or your fellow box members will be interesting enough. Give it a shot - there is nothing to loose and everything to win!