Top 5 CrossFit-resolutions for 2018

It is that time of the year again: Resolutions! 2018 is another book of 365 pages, and this time, it will finally be that bestseller you always wanted to write ... why not? You might have failed many times before, but, well, that is nothing but past. 

2018 can be THE year of your CrossFit journey. Let´s think about the top resolutions you should have to succeed. It is only a short list, because we all know that trying to much at the same time can only lead to failure. Let´s say, we keep it as short as 5 things to try out for this year.


#1: Become stronger

I wrote it a few weeks ago: Strength is the mother, king, leader of all physical skills. And it is also the basic of that one skill you always wanted to have. I promise.

Yeah, you might think that the top CrossFitter fly through all that muscle ups because they have any super power technique hack. Yes, their technique is on point, but first of all, they have gigantic pulling strength. 

Building that strength is not fancy at all, and the worst part, it takes long. Stay patient, put in the boring work, and respect that your body needs time to adapt.


#2: Work on your mobility

Next to strength, a good mobility makes CrossFit life easier in almost every aspect. Unless you are not hypermobile, you need to work on your flexibility day in and day out. It doesn´t have to be long, painful or complicated.  10 minutes, your bodyweight only - profit!


#3: Bring your technique to perfection - and the camera is your best friend!

If you watch a world-class Olympic Weightlifter, a snatch at 50% looks exactly the same as a new personal or even world record. This is where you want to be. We could all lift much much more if we were not giving away the kilos by sloppy technique.

Improving your technique requires, in my opinion, 3 steps:

  1. Educate yourself - what do you have to do and why?
  2. Go down with the weights*
  3. Film yourself! Or didn´t you bring your smartphone?

*Elite weightlifter lift heavy only once a week anyway - the rest is light and about speed and form!




#4:  Put in the extra hours

When they asked the Games-Podium about their training volume, they all replied numbers around 5 to 8 hours per day. Ok, we are not professional athletes, we have jobs and family duties, and this big volumes includes loooooong warm ups, cool downs and physio treatments. Things unrealistic for us.

But is it to much to ask for 20 minutes 4 times a week if you really want to get that one skill - HSPU, pistols, srict pull up, muscle up? Of course, the big advantage of CrossFit is the huge outcome of only 60 minutes in the class. But if you stuck with something new to learn, there is no way around the extra mile to go.


#5: More sleep

I was in between mentioning eating or sleeping habits and decided for the second one. From my personal experience, a healthy nutrition will not compensate for a lack of sleep. If you are tired, the quinoa spinach superfood salad will not help you. The other way around, you might have an awesome training session despite the French fries yesterday when you had a really deep and long sleep. As simple as that. I don´t need studies to prove that.

Rich Froning Jr. stated to sleep 10 hours per night. While this is a bit much for majority of us, you should at least manage an 8 hour sleep duration. The time you have to wake up is mostly dictated by your alarm which is dictated by your working hours but: The time you go to bed is what can be adjusted in most cases. Playing with your phone until midnight? Just don´t do that anymore. 11pm should be a doable goal for everyone.