Member Spotlight: Simona

I know it has been ages since the last "Member of the Spotlight" but as we say in German: "Gut Ding will Weile haben" - good thinks take their time. 

In January 2018, our much loved 7 pm face Simona will be in the lights. Here is a looooong introduction the blond bomb has written about herself:

I’m 32 years old, born and grew up in a very small town in Czech Republic, craving for world and other cultures ever since. At the age of 19 I decided to terminate my studies at the university after the first two weeks and booked my first one-way flight from Prague to London instead, with no money in my pocket and no plan in my head whatsoever. I came back home after few months, found a job that has sent me to the Czech capital Prague, then further to Switzerland, then further to Brazil and this time to Singapore. Basically, I’m a gypsy.

I am open to everything and everyone. I love to interact with people that’s why I mostly can’t keep my mouth shut. I want you to bring your real you up and talk to me so that I know who you are. I am an emotional person, too so, on a good day I’ll be smiling all over the box while on a bad day I might spit fire. Don’t take it too seriously, though and just forgive me please. It’s a temporary state of mind that does not change the fact that I love my Set Free CrossFit mates.

I was active as a child as I visited a sports elementary school so, I was involved in all different kinds of sports such as gymnastics, swimming, basketball or aerobic. I didn’t care much about sports at the age from 16 to probably 25 as at that time all I wanted was to party. I believe dancing all night long means being active, too and you can sometimes see me dancing in the box when the right beat hits me. I got back to sports later on when I’ve been through my wild years, doing lots of hiking, mountain bike, regular gym visits, pole dance and now CrossFit. Sport means a lot to me, however I am not interested in scores or results that much. I am only interested in that happiness that sports and other people doing sports constantly deliver.

Probably moving so often makes you flexible - in any aspect 

Probably moving so often makes you flexible - in any aspect 


Thanks a lot for sharing your whole story with us! And here is a quick and dirty interview with the bubly energetic Simona:

What brought you to Singapore, how long will you be here and where are you staying now?

I moved to Singapore 6 months ago because of my job, when my swiss headquarters transferred me to our local brunch. I rent a small apartment at Holland Village which was a strategic decision (obviously J), because it’s not too far from the office and at the same time it’s close enough to the box. So, as long as the wod is tough enough I’ll stay.


How long have you been doing CrossFit and what were you doing before CrossFit?

I started with CrossFit in November last year when I broke up with my boyfriend and wanted to start something new that from the scratch would be just mine. At that time I was passionate about pole dance, too and felt like CrossFit could help me build up the strength that I was missing for some of the pole tricks so, I joined CrossFit St. Gallen in Switzerland and it is thanks to this experience and to my very first coaches David and Adrian that I sticked to it and also that I joined Set Free CrossFit here in Singapore in May this year as it was David who made me aware of Set Free CF back then.


What do you like most about CrossFit so far?

It is the intensity of the workouts that allows me to let go of things and the people who do CrossFit as I have always met great people within the CrossFit community.

 I do CrossFit for the head, not for the muscles. It keeps me sane.


What is your most favourite and least favourite movement?

I have a whole range of movements that I love to do. At the barbell it would be the snatch for its complexity. I’m into anything that leaves you out of breath, too. Whether it’s burpees, box jumps or Doubleunders, I love it all.

Strict press though, is the one and only that won’t make me jump 2 meters high.


What does the voice inside your head tell you in the middle of a grinding WOD?

Varies from “oooooh, gooooooood fuuuun” to “f*ck it, I’m not doing this sh*t”


What would you prefer; a 3 round Heavy barbell sprint or a 20 minute AMRAP with running?

Heavy barbells on Monday and that running AMRAP on Wednesday. Or vice versa.


Would you like to tell us what is in your gym bag?

My gym bag has become what other people have handbags or cars for since I work out every day except for Fridays. There are several pairs of shoes in it, clothes, cosmetics and hair brush. My agenda, laptop, a book and my headphones. My umbrella’s always there, a bottle, towel and my skipping rope, too. I sometimes find food there and empty coconut water cans (yes, I know what you think).


Complete this sentence, ‘Everyone should do CrossFit because…’

As much as I love CrossFit, I actually don’t think that everyone should do it. You either have it in your blood or you don’t. What I think is that everyone should GIVE IT A TRY because what if it actually is in your blood and you just don’t know yet? You cannot imagine how much fun you miss out every day.


Describe your experience at Set Free CrossFit and what you love about the culture or the people at the box.

You know the moment when you’re coming to the box and you’re passing by the glass wall and can little bit see what’s happening inside but not completely? You can hear the music, you feel the energy and you get sooo excited. You open the door and you see your people - some are in the middle of their daily torture, some are getting ready for theirs, some are just chatting with others or joking around and the coaches focus on their daily job. You say hi, you get the smiles back and you realize that you have finally arrived and that this is what you were waiting for the whole day. To me this is SetFree CrossFit.


Describe Set Free CrossFit in 3 words.

My. Singaporean. Home.