Top 3 Fears we´ve heard from potential members

Found CrossFit on YouTube and think it would be a fun thing to try but ... for reason XYZ it´s not for you? Trust me: Your are not the only one! We hear concerns and fears from potential members all day. Here is the Top 3.


#1: I am totally unfit - isn´t CrossFit only for Ninjas?

This is by far the most expressed anxiety. People see the Games athletes doing Muscle ups, walking on their hands and lifting 100 kg and more above their head - and yes, the females as well! No wonder not everyone can relate to that. Especially people who haven´t exercise in a while (or probably never before), overweighted, elderly ... often asume there is not even a point to get started.

What you don´t consider: The athletes on the internet are the peak 0.5%. But CrossFit is for 100% of us. You don´t need any skills to get started with, no pull ups, no experiences in Olympic Weightlfiting, nothing. Come as you, start and work with what you have, do what you can.

Also, don´t be ashamed and think you will be surrounded by animals making fun of you struggeling. You will notice in your very first class: CrossFit puts you in the tunnel mode and no one will pay attention to what other surrounding people are doing.  

Instead of only watching the worldclass, take a look at some videos that show the journey of beginners who might be at the same point in life as you:


#2: Doesn´t CrossFit cause injuries?

To clearify that point: Every sport that is done on an intense, competitive level contains some risk for injuries. 

For some reason, the injury risk in CrossFit is the favorite topic of all these haters in the internet. Until today, no statistic could ever proof that the injury rate is higher than in any other sport (but believe me, there were a lot of research teams who tried to find evidences!).

Try to find a high-level athlete in any random sports (except maybe chess and curling - but even there I am not sure) who wasn´t injured at least 5 times during his or her carreer. Find an acquaintance that does sports regularly and never gets at least a tiny minor injured. You will not be successful.

What I try to say: Yes, there is the possibility to get injured when doing CrossFit. But so there is when walking over the street or doing any chores. All in all, the risk-benefit-ratio of CrossFit is amazing. It helps with overweight, blood pressure, back pain, bad posture, depression ... and you benefit most by a) good technique b) wise scaling & load choices and c) listening to your body, giving him rest when rest is needed.


#3: CrossFit makes me look bulky

This is for the ladies: I know, most of you are meanwhile educated and know that the female body is - a natural way of training and supplementation given - is not capable of building up large muscle bulk. But still, there is this percentages left that is actually looking for "toning" and "getting skinny" and thinks CrossFit is the least suitable sport to do so.

Often these women tried some gym stuff before and found their pants getting tighter by doing so. To be very honest: In majority of cases, beginners just overestimate the calories burned while doing some gentle machine exercises  and just eat more to reward themselves - which leads to gains thate are not mainly muscle based. Women who actually build muscle mass quick and easy are VERY rare.

For real: Give CrossFit a shot to look better naked! Form follows function: If your body can do amazing things, it will look amazing. Simple as that.

Strong is the new skinny - I´ve heard!

Strong is the new skinny - I´ve heard!