5 CrossFit books you need to read

Good old books: They smell nice, you can lend them to your friends, they don´t run out of battery and they don´t have a screen that splits if you drop them. 

In the 21. century, books are still totally in fashion. Us training our body day in, day out, we should also feed our brain with something to grow. Books about and from famous CrossFitter are an excellent way to get that extra bit motivation, inspiration and knowledge. Thank god there were a few stars of our scene recently publishing. Here are some suggestions about what to put on your bedside table.



Speal: A David and Goliath Story

by Chris Spealer


Chris Spealer is probably the most unlikely Top-CrossFitter on the planet. Weighing less than 70 kilo, he still developed the strength to compete at the CrossFit Games 8 times. He is also the founder of CrossFit Park City, CrossFit HQ staff, creator of the popular training template Icon Athlete and a family father. "Spealer: A David and Goliat Story" is a book about what it means to win a fight that actually seems impossible to everyone. 


Chasing Excellence

by Ben Bergeron


Ben Bergeron is the man behind the #builtbybergeron Hashtag. He has trained the fittest athletes in the world including Katrin Davidsdottir. His bestselling book is about principles of success applicable to every sport - and life.



by Katrin Davidsdottir


Katrin Davidsdottir was the 2nd woman in history to win the CrossFit Games twice. Her first title in 2015 happened after missing the qualification in the 2014 Regionals. This is an honest book about failures that happen to all of us and how you can come back stronger than ever.


First: What it takes to win

by Rich Froning Jr.


Without a doubt, Froning is the most legendary CrossFitter of all time, winning the Games 4 times in a row. This book is about his journey to become the fittest man in history, showing Froning as a calm and humble family father and Christian. It is also an interesting insight of the CrossFit Games then and now.


How I became the Fittest Woman on Earth

by Tia-Clair Toomey


After becoming 2nd at the CrossFit Games 2015 and 2016, the Australian Toomey finally won the well deserved gold medall in 2017. The recent Fittest Woman on Earth also competed in the Olympic Games 2016 as a weightlifter. This is a book from and about a one in a million talent.