18.1 - damn long!

18.1-min (1).png


The CrossFit Games season has started! The Open as the first stage on the road to Madison is for everyone and I am more than excited for the upcoming 5 weeks, comparing myself with the elite of the sport and see if I can surprise myself!

18.1 has been announced this Thursday night. It is a looooong AMRAP tripple. I personally like it because the gymnastics and calories are low rep - not these wall of monster amounts we were faced with in previous year. So you don´t get stuck with a movement and stay there forever, getting more frustrated by the second. Also, the dumbbell load is not very heavy. A nice WOD to go through with a steady pace. 

Some thoughts about strategies:



8 reps is not a lot but don´t be surprised if you loose your kipping after half of the WOD, at the latest. Break down from the beginning, e.g. in 4 -4 or 5 - 3 to delay that point of fatique. Even going in singles in the last 4 or 5 minutes might be faster than waiting for the shoulder to get ready for a bigger set of kipping T2B.


Dumbbell Hang Power Clean and Jerk

I think Castro took some feedback from people complaining about back pain after dumbbell lifts from the ground. From the hang, the Clean will be a fast and smooth movement. You can do Push Presses instead of the Jerk to safe your leg for the rowing. The load is light enough to do so.



Well, rowing is rowing. 14/12 cal is very managable. Never rest between the C&J and the rowing! You can use the first 3 or 4 calories to rest while progression slowly on the machine, if you are really super smashed. 14/12 cal is a duration for a medium hard pace. I saw Sam Briggs going on around 1.300cal/hr average but ok - it´s Sam after all. 


The world class demonstration gilrs got scores around 13 rounds. So if you get anywhere close to 10 - that would be freaking awesome. Have fun with 18.1!