Staying in shape - my field report

Two things to note at first: 1.) I was always skinny throughout my whole life (oh wait,  I´m lying: I was a very fat baby^^). 2.) I went to the gym for years before I started CrossFit and I looked (without beeing!) quite athletic before. Still a lot has happened ever since I started CrossFit. I am now actually super close to where I always wanted to be. I gained 10 kilo from 49 kg before CrossFit to currently 59 kg, and didn´t loose my sixpack. On good days, it is even an eightpack and my leg muscles are much more visible than there were before. Along the way, I learned a lot by trial and error and wanted to share my findingswith you . Here are some points that help to me to conquer the endless summe in Singapore with a 365 days beach body.

Ulrike shape edited.png

Form follows function

This is about CrossFit: Relying on the mirror, scale or how the pants fit is very inaccurate. Instead, set other goals, a higher backsquat, a faster Fran time, more (or any) unbroken C2B. This is easier to measure and will bring the optical results for sure. Form follows function. That´s the most important thing I´ve found out so far. Thank you, CrossFit!


You don´t need to seperate into "bulk" and "shred" phases

This is a very bodybuilding ish thing. Especially in countries with seasons - where I was born and raised - they do that all the time: Bulking in the cold period of the year and then desperately trying to get rid of the unwanted fat they´ve gained along with the muscles when summer comes closer. I´m not playing that game anymore. I place that demand on myself: Being fit and healthy the whole year. And then, again: Form will follow function.


No drinks with calories!

I understand and agree that good food is one of the best things on this planet. Just the procedure of eating, it´s texture, the happiness that comes with it. And no one likes the feeling of being hungry. But do you really need sugar drinks? It´s just wasted calories that don´t contribute to anything. Ice cold water, tea and - most imortant and probably even better than food - black coffee should work as well.


Eat largely the same every day

I know you might have a busy and unpredictable life: Variable working hours, kids, business trips and the traffic. But if anyhow possible, try to create an eating routine with 90% rational food. Take time for a good breakfast, prepare a lunch box or choose healthy restaurants around your office. I don´t say it has to be the same amount of dry rice, brokkoli and chicken everyday. But eating time, amount and quality of the content should be largely the same thorughout the week. 


No snacking 

This point and the one before aren´t really separated. When I recommend to find an eating rhythm, I also recommend to get over this habit of snacking. It can summ up to a lot of calories in the end of the day without you even noticing. Also, it keeps your insuline level at an all time high and blocks the fat burning process in your body.

If you have difficulties, use one of the many food trackin aps (you have a smartphone, right?).


Never go full retarded

Of course I am not saying that eatin out for social reasons and special ocasions is a crime! Or that cheat on Sunday. But a whole pint of Ben&Jerry´s, or a family pizza followed by a whole chocolate bar and a liter of coke? Are you really THAT hungry?

Eat real food

It makes everything so much easier. Without the artificials, without processed sugar or high fat, food makes you truly full and helps you to get a sense for real hunger back. 


No sugar

I don´t care that it has "empty calories" or is bad for the teeth: The scary part about sugar is that it f**ks up your brain. It makes you addicted  - that´s the truth! My whole life I thought I couldn´t life without a bit of candy everyday, especially after a meal. Until I just stopped. Now, all the cravings are gone. I can live for months without it, and if I eat anything with lots of sugar now, I even find it disgusting while I really love a 99% (!) chocolate. I am free again! 


Sufficient sleep

Again: Life isn´t always easy, but can´t you manage to go to bed at 11pm? Should be doable. If you have at least 7 hours of sleep at night, your whole life will just get boosted. This is not an overstatement! And coming back to this staying in shape topic: A lack of sleep leads to an over production of the stress hormone Cortisol that is know to lead to cravings. In other words: Sleeping more helps you to stay away from that comfort food.


Active life

You don´t have to do a Murph everyday. Just stay constantly active. Walk 10.000 steps a day, don´t sit at the desk for more than 45 minutes, take the stairs. Pretty standard tipps, I know. But it´s so simpel and helps so much. Everyday life is full of opportunities. Make them yours.