18.4 - upside down


Will Castro ever bring Handstand Walk in an Open workout or not? I am personally surprised he did because of its logistical demands. But it just happened. After 18.3 was already a battle of weaknesses, 18.4 is another type of WOD where you might have to keep trying for a while to beat that goat.

Well, there is a Diane to master first. That benchmark is actually a sprint and advanced athletes will finish way below 5 minutes. If the 100/70kg Deadlift and the HSPU is a challenge for you - 18.4 might be your opportunity to just see how far you get on that Girl. So slam out a fast Tiebreak and don´t worry so much about the Handstand Walk. 

The key to Diane is having a strategy on hand, think about a number of reps you want to break the Deadlift down to. And never hit the wall on the HSPU, stopp a few reps befor failure - otherwise, as for any gymnastics, there will be gone forever!

Even athletes with good Handstand Walk will struggle since the core will be super fatigue after Diane. If you do not have any walk at all and finish Diane within the 9 minute timecap, you might want to try to some how string together the 1,50 meter that count as one rep on your hands. Good luck with that!