18.2 - almost a barbell workout



18.2 is out and it pleases the dumbbell as well as the barbell and heavy Oly lover. It is a mixture of a capacity and a strength test, combining light squats and bodyweight exercises with a 1RM Clean test. 

We had a similar format before in 2015. 15.1 contained a 9 minute AMRAP (T2B, light Deadlifts and Snatches), directly followed by a 1RM Clean & Jerk test within 6 minutes. The problem: Many participants safed themselves in part A to hammer a huge lift in B. In 18.2, you really have to earn your lift by proofing a good working capacity. You have 110 reps to go before it´s Max out time! 

It is actually said that you might need to do the scaled version if you really wish to make it to the Clean!

When Patrick Vellner (3rd Fittest Man on Earth 2017) and Noah Ohlsen (4th Fittest Man on Earth 2017) demonstrated 18.2, they finished part A in a monster time from far below 5 minutes. According to Vellner, they took Castros open fire post from Instagram serious and let it burn! Their strategy was about killing the first part and then taking a decent rest before starting the first Cleans. Unfortunately, us mere mortals would finished even a sprinted part A still too late and too close to the 12 minute time to get such a big rest. But since A is a seperate Open Score, you should get it done as fast as you can.

Both Vellner and Ohlsen can Clean and Jerk 355 lbs, but only made it to 325 lbs (Vellner) and 311 lbs (Ohlsen) in just the Clean. So don´t be surprise if the Metcon hits you so bad that you will lift far below your abilities. Start with a conservative first lift to ensure you get something in the book.