18.5 - chosen by us


Probably one of the most creative ideas in the history of the CrossFit Open was to ask the community to select 18.5. Friday at 6am Singapore time, Castro gave 3 choices of Open WODs from previous years - anything that contains C2B and Thruster, the so far missing movements in 2018. The vote was done by commenting under the Facebook Live video - maybe not the best technical solutions but let´s trust that they counted more then 300.000 votes by hand properly.

With only a small lead, 11.6 won the vote. So the Open Season 2018 will close with a short burner that looks innocent on paper - but we all know, when there is Thruster, there is pain. 

We also did a WOD with ascending reps before, 18.2A, so we are aware that they play tricks on us. Good pacing from the beginning is key. Stay calm, move suistanable fast on the Thruster, and breath on the transitions. 

The 3 and 6 Thruster can for sure be done unbroken. I you have a strong engine, also 9 and 12 might be doable. Otherwise, break 9 in to 5-4, 12 into 6-6 or the like. No rest should be longer than 10 - 15 seconds. If you want to rest within the set, always restoverhead. 

If you know C2B are a hard movement for you, do start to breack them into sets of 3 from the second round on already. Otherwise - well, again, gymnastics, you do not want to hit the point of no return. 

And remember: We are only 7 minutes away from the end of the CrossFit Open 2018! You came so far, and I am sure you have overcome yourself multiple times. However 18.5 turns out - you have already won! Congrats!