CrossFit Open 2018 the Set Free way - it was all worth it!

I am overwhelmed with what was going on in our little box during the last weeks. We had 30 members officially registered for the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Open. Without Joel and me anyhow pushing that, the community hyped up itself. And I hope you all agree: It was worth it!

Majority of you did the WOD´s in the scaled division. I really want to highlight that you made such wise decisions on that - in many boxes there is a culture of doing everything anyhow RX, no matter if that means to do a handfull of Doubleunders in a 14 minute workout or 21 Deadlift and then standing around the rest of the time. I think you all got 5 super fun and challenging WOD´s in, and it is completely irrelevant if there is a tiny -s behind your score at the leaderboard or not. 

The CrossFit Open are the first stage of finding the Fittest Humans on Earth. But much more than this, it is about You against You. About overcoming yourself, to actually take the courage and show up on a Saturday morning and just get it done. By this, you have already won.

A short notice about my personal Open: Last year, I set the goal to rank Top 10 in Singapore in 2018. Then I got injured and didn´t train properly for many months. So when this years Open started, I was just 2.5 months into "real CrossFit training".  I had no ambitious anymore and planed to do everything scaled. Then 18.1 came - and I wanted to test how good my T2B still are. RX´d. Then there was 18.2 - my burpees are quite okay and I practiced dumbbell movements a lot. RX´d. Then 18.3 - I just found out the week before that I still can do Muscle ups. RX´d. I did more Muscle ups in that WOD than the whole year before. To cut a long story short: I did the whole Open RX and finished 12th in Singapore - so pretty close to my actual goal. I could not have done this without amazing people around me!

And so there are many achievements, like our super strong female girls getting there first pull up - and then up 20, 30 and even more within a few minutes. Respekt to Azmi who redid 18.3 RX´d and even beat his scaled time from two days before - that really speaks for your mental strength! Congrats to Jacqueline for completing 18.3 RX´d and doing 20 heavy Overheadsquat on a weight close to your 1RM - just beeing recovered from a shoulder surgery. Shout out to Kris, Cecile and Kim, finishing 18.2a within the tight timecap and then cleaning their PR loads a few seconds later.

In general: Thanks to everyone for judging, chearing and having a good time with us! After the Open is before the Open. It is time to build some strengths, skills and an engine. Now. The next months of training are going to be epic!

See you next year!