18.3 - finally Muscle ups

18.3-iloveimg-compressed (1).png

After 18.1 and 18.2 being low weight and low skill workouts, everyone was expecting something more technical for 18.3, Muscle ups most likely - and there were all right. There was just one question left to answer: Ring or Bar?

While many expected the ring after seeing Bar Muscle ups two years in a row, others guessed there will always be the bar version from now on since today´s top athletes move so fast in the rings that the lock out is impossible to judge. Well, as always, Castro gave the lie to all of them and just brought both Muscle ups in one WOD.

So 18.3 is a chipper with a large variety of movements - and lots of DU. For those who are super proficient in Muscle ups, neither the moderatly heavy Overhead Squat nor the Dumbbell Snatches will be an issue. The Doubleunders will feel like a huge obstacle that has to be conquered again and again. If you did your homework, you are capable of doing lifts, squats and gymnastics with an elevated heart rate.

18.3 scaled - wtf, Pull ups?

Yes, 18.3 has Pull ups, for women as well. The scaled division replaced the Muscle ups with pull ups in 2017 already, and again and again people complain about it. Fair or not? Well, we can´t change it around anyway. So maybe now is the time to get you chin above the bar the first time?

Keep in mind that until 2016, there was no scaled option at all and it was quite common for athetes to get stuck with a movement for up to 20 minutes. It is a test of fitness after all. Just give it a shot and if it doesn´t work out - you have found your goal for next years Open!