Restaurants in Singapore West suitable for CrossFit

I know the good old Hawker center is part of Singapores culture. But Chicken Rice for 3 SG$ - how healty can that be? It is amazing to see how the local food scene changes and restauranst with healthy choices are popping up at every corner.

Be careful: You will find tons of "healthy restaurant guides" on Google, but not everything meantioned in this "advertorials" is actually what it promises. A deep fried broccoli doesn´t count anymore, and a "salad" largely made out of pasta and fat dressing is not any better than a burger with fries. So we tried around and got into some traps, but the good news: There are plenty of places that really add value to your diet. Thanks to all that restaurant owners who put in the honest effort to make this city a little healthier! Here is our personal list of our favorite places to fuel the CrossFitter in Singapore West.


1. Grain Traders

Located in the heart of the CBD, Grain Traders is the healthy lunch break option for every office worker. It is a classic "Create your bowl" concept store, but you will be thrilled by the number of choices they offer. Creative, exotic, with love for the detail and of course: Super tasty. They also provide a delivery service for everyone not working around that area. Just the pricing is more on the high side - a small minus for an overall phantastic place.



2. Superfudo

A relatively new location right behind the Holland Village Shopping Mall. Superfudo looks like an old biology class room, outfitted with love for the detail. They offer DIY-salads with a wide variety of ingredients, also for vegans and vegetarians on a fair price. Also check out their reasonable priced coffee, drinks and low carb/fat cakes. The staff is fast and super friendly.


3. Caveman food

Singapore's first and so far only Paleo restaurant, located in the Star Vista Mall next to Buona Vista MRT. Paleo means free of grains, dairy, sugar and artificials. Whatever allergy you might have: You will find a  dish at Caveman food.

Caveman food.PNG


4. Haakon

Hard to go wrong with anything coming from Scandinavia. Haakon is a small and cozy place inside the Raffles @ HollandV (other locations in One Raffles Places and Tanjong Katong). It offers juice, coffee, salads and healthy Superfood desserts. Good for the small carvings every now and then.



5. Toss&Turn

Toss&Turn is a kind of healthy spin-off of well-known food chain Cedele. While Cedele is already a decent choice for your lunch, Toss&Turn salads are just killer! Next time you are at Vivo City (please don´t go there on the weekends - not even a great salad is worth it!), go check them out.