CrossFit training for Obstacle runs

Obstacle runs are really a thing at the moment. There are so many series such as Spartan, Viper Challence, Tough Mudder and the like, you could almost participate in one every weekend in South East Asia. Obstacle runs are also what makes many Singaporeans walking through our door, hoping CrossFit training could help them to avoid the penalty burpee for failing an obstacle at the next race. Good choice! CrossFit is indeed the probably best exercise routine to prepare for such challenges. Here´s the Why.


Yes, we do running

CrossFit is not (anymore) just kettlebell swings and boxjumps. We also do running - in it´s purest form. Ok, it is rarely anything seriously long like 10 Miles or so, but more intervals and sprints. But this is what you need for obstacle races anyway. Even if you go for beast distances (12 km and above), it will be a stop and go between the obstacles. In addition, we also do running drills and stretches to improve our technique, making running more efficient and prevent injuries.


We combine running with ... anything else

Many people just go for joggs and do some occasional sit ups and push ups at home to prepare for their races. But you know that it will be a combination of running and strength, agility and coordination tests - and if you never implement combinations in your workouts, your body will be shocked when the day of the race comes.

Nothing beats the training effect of a run combined with: heavy lifting, gymnastics, plyometrics etc. And this is exactly what we do in CrossFit. If you can handle WOD´s that include running, no obstacle course could surprise anymore.


We work on grip and pulling strength  

It is safe to say that every obstacle run includes wallclimbs, ropeclimbs and monkey bars. This requires a lot of strength in the upper body, especially lats, biceps and forearm stamina. Bodyparts, that are often under devoloped in the typical runner body.

We do rope climbs, pull ups in every variation, static holds and so on. We cycle barbells for high reps and we have fat bars as well. Your pulling and grip strength and condition will improve a lot from doing CrossFit. We will also teach you techniques to move fast and safe.


We work with odd objects

Medballs, slam balls, sandbags, yoke, sled ... we love odd objects for lifts and carrys of all kind. It strengthens your whole body, especially the core. So even if there will not be exactly odd object tasks in your race, you made your body bullet proof for anything else.


... and in case you still failed to complete an obstacle ...

With us, you train fast and efficient burpees as well :-) !

Spartan Race.png

And how often should I do CrossFit to prepare for Spartan?

If you already have a tough running schedule, 2 to maximum 3 times CrossFit per week are recommended. You will benefit from this a lot already without burning your body out. Ensure proper diet, hydration, sufficient sleep AAAAND: regular stretching and mobility work (before training, after training and on rest days).