Just some great online resources for CrossFitter

Bored at work and wanne surf the internet for some content about our favorite sports? Here is the best the WWW has to offer for CrossFit.


The CrossFit Journal

The CrossFit Journal is THE source for any information related to CrossFit from movements, programming, recovery, business news and news about athletes and events. It contains articles, interviews, short clips and even videos in movie length. Hundreds of authors and other content creators are contributing, also the stars of the scene such as Mike Burgener or Matt Chan. By nature, no other online magazine has been in place for as long as The CrossFit Journal so you can make use of a huge archieve. 

The prime content (including documentaries) is only available for subscriber. The monthly subscription fee is 4,99 US-$. Worth it or not? Well, if you have plenty of time and mental capacity to go through content of epic length - yes. It you want to keep it short, I wouldn´t say it is for you.



Barbend is not a pure CrossFit only magazine. As the name suggests, it is a mixture of everything related to a barbell - CrossFit and other functional Fitness concepts, Powerlifting, Strongman and Olympic Weightlifting. Being the official media partner of USA Weightlifting, of course the Oly-content reserves the biggest space. But what kind of CrossFitter is not fascinated by these incredible specialists anyway? 

Some of the articles are a little cheesy ("3 simple tricks to get an amazing Sixpack"), but you will find more than enough useful and entertaining things and the latest news about the CrossFit Games.



Boxrox is the biggest European magazin for "Competitive Fitness" (as a commercial page not affiliated with the CrossFit, Inc. they are not allow to call it a CrossFit magazin). They bring amusing articles purely about CrossFit, written by the community (I have published there before myself). If you are new to CrossFit and looking for really hands-on stuff like training plans and beginner guides, this is your page.


BoxLife Magazin

BoxLife is actually a print magazin but hardly available outside of the U.S., but you can browse through some content on their online presence. Similar to Boxrox, some of the headlines are a little to much of a click bate, but you might find some things you like.


Brute Strength Podcast

Not exactly a webpage, but since podcasts are really a thing these days, you might like the Brute Strength one. Long conversations (1 hr+) with experts from all kind of training related fields such as strength training, endurance training, nutrition and the mental game, providing you the perfect entertainment for "death time" in the car, MRT or on the cardio machine. You can find content produced with CrossFit stars such as Ben Bergeron as well as with people you might never have heard about before but who can give mind blowing informations just on the Go. Available on Spotify as well. 

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