Top 3 fears I’ve heard from potential new members

Entering the doors of a CrossFit gym is a big step for many, especially if there were no experiences with weight or high intensity training before. As a box owner, I am faced everyday with fears concerning a thing I love so deeply - so it is important for me to take that outside perspective and empathize.

Here are the Top 3 fears we have heard from potential CrossFitters.


(1) "You will get injured from CrossFit."

I don´t know if people really search for these "CrossFit fails" videos on YouTube or if their just listen too much to the CrossFit hater. Anyhow, you might not know what´s an AMRAP, The Open or who is Mat Fraser. But you have heard that CrossFit will get you injured.

Truth be told: It is a high intensity sport and therefore, to a certain degree, linked to a risk. Also, there are a lot of unqualified and/or unmotivated coaches, understaffed and badly organized CrossFit boxes. Also, CrossFit attracts ambitious humans, often with a above average big ego. Any of these facts or especially a combination - can lead to injuries, with a high change.

But: Any sports performed on a high competitive level is dangerous. And I am not talking about the obvious cases like motor sports, MMA or diving. Tennis and badminton is unhealthy since using only one half of the torso causes imbalances. Soccer player will always tear any tendons or other tissues. 99% of all hobby runners run with wrong technique ... the list goes on and on.

But the best way to get injured and sick is still sitting on your coach, eating rubbish, getting overweighted and loosing the connecting to your body.   


(2) "I am unfit and will hold everybody back."

This is not a relay. The majority of our WODs is done individually, so if you are a thousand reps behind the guy next to you - he will not be concerned at all. And no, you canot embarrass yourself for not managing a weight or movement either. Everyone is stucked in his or her own tunnel, and no one will watch and judge you. Unless you are the last on the floor to finish - then they might come to cheer you!


(3) "I am too old for CrossFit."

To be honest, I am still in my twenties so I canot really judge yet how you feel after a few centuries on this planet. I only know that we have amazing members in the age group 50+ and they still lift heavy, run, jump, climb ropes, do pull ups. check out the Masters Category at the CrossFit Games - these guys really rock! 

There is no difference between older people and younger ones who are untrained, handicapped or overweighted - they all 1.) have to start somewhere and 2.) will be able to scale each and every movement exactly suited to their abilities and 3.) will improve for sure. That is that one amazing thing about the human body!