Swinging on Toes2Bar - how to correct

functional movements 2.png


Getting large, smooth sets of kipping Toes2Bar is not an easy thing to do. While many people get T2B in the first try, they cannot string together many of them with efficient technique. Instead, they start to swing uncontrolled after their toes have touched the bar. 

Uncontrolled swings can happen for two reasons:

  1. The legs are thrown forward after the toes made contact with the bar. Instead, bring your feet back to the ground as fast as possible.
  2. The arche position that has to be taken inbetween each toe-bar-contact and the next kipp is skipped. The athlete falls back uncontrollable into the free hang. Tension is lost, energy and time is wasted. The picture below shows a good example of the strong arche you should have to initialize the kipp.


Edward kipping edited.png

Here are some more small things to change around to improve your kipping T2B:

  •  When you return to the arche position after each rep, push your head strongly forward through your arms. Never look on the floor!
  • Concentrate on your Latissimus while "pushing down" the pull up bar.
  • The hip must never be behind the verticale plane of the bar, but always in front of it or at the same height. Otherwise you generate too much momentum that again leads to uncontrolled swinging.
  • Always keep core, shoulders and Latissimus under tension, even during the arche position and after each completed rep! This may seem more exhausting than taking a little break after each Toes2Bar. However, a loss of tension always leads to minimal changes in position, which then have to be compensated - which, in the end, costs much more energy and time.

It is btw always advisable to take a step back in progression and practice the Kipping T2B with just Knees2Chest. It is much easier to learn the rhythm of switching from the arche to the hollow with this less complex movement. Once you master several unbroken Kipping K2C, you just have to add a small "kick" with the toes from the chest towards the bar - and that´s it already!