5 Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer (Even If You Haven’t Exercised In Years)

Many people make it their New Year’s Resolution to get back in shape, but very few people choose an effective way to do it.

This results in them giving up after a couple of months (even weeks!), because they aren’t seeing results, and don’t know if they’re doing it right.

Working with a Personal Trainer is one of the most effective ways to get back in shape, start exercising and meet your fitness & lifestyle goals!

Here are our top 5 reasons to work a Personal Trainer in 2019.

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1. A Personal Trainer Saves You Time

If you’re like most people who want to get fitter or lose weight, the first thing you’ll do is to sign up for the gym.

You’ll get into the routine of going to a class twice a week, maybe even working out on your own. Perhaps you spend some time looking up exercises on the internet and videos on how to use the cross trainer.

But how do you know which exercises are useful? How do you know which machines will work the right muscles?

There’s a wealth of fitness advice to be found on the internet, but it’s not tailored to your specific needs. Different exercises and routines are suited to different goals. Not all of the advice you’ll find online will help you. Some of those exercises will be unnecessary, and your time could have been better used on more effective exercises.

Engaging a Personal Trainer straight away, rather than spending time researching exercises, picking a routine at random, and gradually working towards your goals through trial and error, saves you time. You’ll meet your goals more quickly and more efficiently.

2. A Personal Trainer Saves You Money

If you take the typical route of trying to work out the best exercises for you, without expert help, you won’t just be wasting time.

Many beginners will copy exercises they’ve seen in a YouTube video without knowing how to execute the exercise properly.

They can end up straining muscles and putting pressure on the wrong parts of the body. In the worst case, this can result in injury.

Not only does this set you back even further from your fitness goals, but your medical treatment will cost money too.

Personal training programs are designed to be progressive. Your trainer is able to watch your every move and suggest corrections if needed. This means that your chances of injury are very low.

So not only can personal training help prevent the injuries that some beginners can incur while training alone, but it will help you save on your medical bills.

3. A Personal Trainer Will Push You To Discover Your Hidden Potential

Many people who work out alone without expert oversight can go through the motions without really pushing themselves.

We are naturally programmed to avoid pain, since pain is often a signal that the body is injured.  There’s a reason we whip our hands back from a hot surface!

But not all pain is harmful. The body has to undergo a certain level of ‘pain’ in order to lose weight or get fit. When we exercise, our muscles get small tears, and it’s only when the body repairs the tears that new muscle is added. This is how we build muscle and get fitter - but it requires pain first!

Without expert guidance, it’s too easy to remain in our comfort zones, and only push ourselves to the level that we feel is acceptable. This means we often won’t achieve the results we want in the timeframe we want - if at all.

A personal trainer can help push you beyond what you thought you were capable of. You get an immense confidence boost from hitting your first pull up, carrying a certain amount of weight for the first time, or even just being able to keep up with your energetic kids as they run around the playground!

A personal trainer is there to bring out the best in you in a safe, responsible environment. Your success is a win-win for us, too: we want to uncover your hidden potential.

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4. A Personal Trainer Improves Your Quality of Life

Personal training is not just about reaching your fitness goals, however. The fitter you are, the better you’re able to keep up with your energetic kids.

The more focused you are at work.

The more disciplined you are, as you’re accustomed to pushing through discomfort, whether that’s doing one more sit-up, or saying no to the extra helping of dessert.

The more confident you are, as you see yourself hitting milestones you didn’t think you could reach.

Your personal trainer can advise you on your diet; on how you walk and breathe; and on your sitting posture, so you can avoid pain.

Overall, your mental and physical health skyrockets, and this overflows into your career, family life and relationships.

5. Personal Training Helps You Build Community

We all know that most people who sign up for the gym in January will have stopped working out by March.

One of the biggest factors in helping you keep to your resolutions, and break in the habit of exercising, is having a supportive community.

If you sign up for personal training as well as your gym membership, you not only have your trainer to keep you accountable and keep you coming back every week, but you meet other like-minded individuals who are coming to the gym for the same reason.

Personal training is not a lonely road to the top. At Set Free CrossFit we’ve cultivated a community of supportive, motivated and goal-oriented individuals - like you! We cheer each other on and have fun in the process!

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