4 things you should know before you get into CrossFit

Train like a Spartan, look like a Spartan. CrossFit is probably the easiest form of training that will help you achieve a warrior-like body.

CrossFit is ideal for those wanting to achieve a soldier’s physique; it will greatly improve the strength and endurance of the trainer.

While it may seem like a good idea to get into CrossFit immediately, there some things you should consider. CrossFit may seem intimidating at first sight, but don’t let that fool you, it’s great for beginners! Everyone is welcomed to join the world of CrossFit.

It takes time, commitment and dedication to participate in CrossFit training. Here are a few things you should know before you get into CrossFit.


1. CrossFit is ideal for anyone

The best thing about CrossFit is that you don’t need to be strong or powerful at the very beginning. No matter how out of shape your body may be, you can easily get started with CrossFit.

If the massive person next to you is able to lift an insurmountable weight, don’t be discouraged. Every person’s training and ability is a little different from another, making CrossFit a journey that is very personal.


2. It’s rough at the beginning

While CrossFit may be great for beginners, it’s also unforgiving at the start. Expect to make a lot of mistakes at the beginning. It may be disheartening at first, but you shouldn’t worry at all. You have to start somewhere!

Go through all these painful steps and you’ll soon find it easier once your body gets used with the intensity. After all, the harder you train, the better the results. Just remember to prioritize rest as well - You won’t be able to train if you’re injured and sufficient rest helps to prevent injuries and improve muscle recovery!


3. Mental strength is just as important as physical strength

We know CrossFit focuses on physical strength and conditioning, but it’s also a mental battle. With the many intense sessions and workouts at the start, you might find yourself getting discouraged with your progress from time to time but don’t give up!

Make a decision to commit to the CrossFit journey from the very start. Always remind yourself why you’re training in the first place. Once you're used to the training, things should start to get easier.


4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

CrossFit focuses a lot on compound movements and exercise techniques can be challenging to master. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Seek help from fellow trainers in your area or gym!

You can also hire a personal fitness coach to guide you during training. A personal trainer is an ideal way to get things going. Your coach will determine which type of set-up is suitable for your condition. They’ll observe your strengths and weaknesses so you can find out how you can improve.

If you’ve decided to hire a personal trainer, now is the time to find a CrossFit gym in Singapore. Come and visit Set Free, where you can reveal your inner strengths and improve upon your weaknesses. For personal training recommendations, contact Set Free. Our trainers will help you achieve your goals, whatever they might be.

Ulrike Hacker