CrossFit Training: Safety tips for Beginners

What makes CrossFit highly recommended by experts? For starters, anyone can try CrossFit! It’s an ideal regimen for both beginners and veteran bodybuilders. On top of that, CrossFit improves physical strength, aerobic fitness, and flexibility.

While CrossFit may be suitable for everyone, the learning curve from a newbie to a veteran can be a steep one. As with all sports, CrossFit comes with its own set of injury risks but they can all be avoided through some precautions and good form.

If you’re a newbie wanting to try CrossFit, what do you have to watch out for?


1. Warming up

Jumping right into the routine is never a good idea! Before taking a CrossFit class, warm up to decrease your chances of getting injured. When you warm up, your muscles become less stiff, your range of motion increases and your overall performance is enhanced. Starting CrossFit which is intense in nature, without first warming up, is a recipe for injury!

Injuries can go from minor as sprains or strains to muscle tears. Always warm up before training to avoid these injuries.


2. Start with small steps

For any kind of training, CrossFit included, one should start where he or she is comfortable. Leave your ego at the door when you enter the gym and work with what you can manage at that moment! Do not be afraid to ask for a modified version of the exercise you are asked to do in class while you work on your strength, mobility, balance and flexibility.

Once your body adapts to the current level of training, move on to the next exercise progression. Strength, mobility, balance and flexibility all take time, so be patient with yourself and enjoy the process!


3. Hire a trainer

Usually, most CrossFit gyms in Singapore have one trainer to monitor several students at once. This will also mean divided attention. If you are new to CrossFit or training in general, it would be wise to hire a personal trainer to monitor your performance at all times.

Your personal trainer can guide you during training and determine the areas you should focus on. They can also act as your spotter (sometimes we need to push our bodies and add that extra plate onto our barbells!) when the need arises.


4. Once you feel pain, don’t hesitate

There’s good pain, and then there’s bad pain.

One common mistake for beginners is not being able to differentiate that. Your training should not give you any forms of sharp or throbbing pain - Those are examples of bad pain. When in doubt, take a break! You can always start again when the pain subsides.

If the pain is quite serious, seek help and call your trainer. You might need medical attention, so it’s important to seek help immediately once you feel pain while training.


5. Communicate with your trainer

As a beginner, never be shy when talking to your coach or trainer. It’s best to lay it out all in the open so your trainer is aware of your body’s needs. If you have any medical conditions, weaknesses, strengths, or specific needs, tell your trainer right away so they can assess the right training plan for you.

Any signs of discomfort should be directed at your trainer right away! Communicate with your trainer to avoid any injuries while training.

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Ulrike Hacker