8 Biggest Exercise Myths (and Truths)

Knowledge is power, and that saying applies even in fitness. The more you know, the easier achieving your goals will be. Find out what works for your body/physique, focus on areas that need improvement and most importantly, know right from wrong! Don’t be fooled by common misconceptions regarding fitness. Here are the 8 most common myths about fitness and exercise:


1. Want to prevent injuries? Stretch (a lot)

There’s no doubt that stretching is required before you exercise. It’s needed to warm up the muscles, which minimizes the chances of muscle tears. However, this doesn’t mean you’re invulnerable to injuries at all. Stretching increases blood flow to prepare the body for working out, but this doesn’t prevent you from being injured. The type of stretching you do matters as well, and in injury prevention, good form and using appropriate weight is key.


2. Visit the gym daily for better results

Does more exercise mean better results? Not exactly. Visiting the gym every day might increase your chances of getting injured. Your body needs to rest now and then so your muscles can recover and grow! Take a day off every other day before heading to the gym so your body can get all the rest it needs.


3. Weeks of inactivity lead to negative results

While it’s partially true that taking too much time off your training will lead to a loss in strength, it isn’t entirely true either. A week of inactivity can hurt your workout routine but only if you’re relatively new to exercising. If your body is accustomed to regular training, then a week of inactivity will not lead to loss of muscle mass.


4. Sports drinks are an essential

No matter how delicious or tasty the ads portray them to be, sports drinks are filled with sugar and overconsumption is going to be detrimental to your progress. Just stick to healthy drinks such as water, tea, or coffee for the best results after exercising.


5. More sweat equals more calories burned

You might think that the more you sweat, the more fat you’ve burned. However, sweat is mainly a biological response to regulate internal body temperature. You’ll still sweat when losing weight, but it’s mostly a correlation, not causation.


6. Training with a friend is distracting

While exercising with a friend or partner can sometimes be distracting, it doesn’t always mean your workout will be compromised. A friend by your side can even enhance your training - especially if you are both working towards the same goal. You can both look out for each other, push each other to achieve your best as well as correct each other’s form where necessary. Don’t have a friend to ask along to the gym? That is what having a personal trainer is for, and is the reason why personal training sessions in Singapore are gaining popularity. Want to sleep in? Afraid you can’t do that when you have a personal trainer waiting for you!


7. Pain is necessary

Sure, feeling slight discomfort in muscles is normal when you exercise but if you’re feeling pain while exercising, you might be overdoing it. Scale back on what you are doing once you start feeling pain to prevent injuries. Pain, especially sharp pain, is a sign that something is wrong.


8. Fats can turn into muscles (and vice versa)

Fats differ from muscles. You need to burn fat while you build muscle. The same goes the other way around, as muscles can’t turn into fat since they’re vastly different from each other. They are different types of cells.


Now that you know these common exercise myths, are you prepared to train yourself? Hire a personal fitness coach in Singapore to enhance your training! You’ll achieve the best results if you have an expert guiding your way.


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Ulrike Hacker