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How to get better at the SkiErg

The Concept 2 Ski-Erg is growing in popularity. And not just for winter sports athletes in the summer break – recently used in many high-level CrossFit competitions, the erg has become a relevant machine to the sport. Here are some thoughts about how to start your relationship with it right.

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Mind my WOD

The WOD as we all know.  Is known as the Workout of the Day, which essentially in my view; means - that one workout that I will probably do on that day and I would want to squeeze every damn benefit out of it.

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How to do … Pistols

pistol is a squat on one leg. As simple as that. As usual, you need to go below parallel (means having the knee below the hip crease) on the standing leg. The food/calve of the lifted leg cannot touch the ground at any point of the pistol movement.

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