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Favorite Exercise: Back Squat

Least favored: Deadlift

Motto: Every side has two sides

I started CrossFit at Delft in the Netherlands during my studies and my first workout was Fran. I was destroyed but hooked right from the get-go, the rest as they say is history. 

I am humbled and thankful to have the support and opportunity to create Set Free CrossFit, and am looking forward to working out with the CrossFit community in Singapore. 


Favorite Exercise: Double Unders

Least favored: High Boxjump

Motto: Do something that scares you every day


My background lies in many different kinds of sports such as teamsports, long distance running and "just showing up in the gym". In 2013 during an internship in NYC, a collegue brought me to CrossFit - and I felt like I had never worked out before at all! So I fell deeply in love with the challenge and competition, and never looked back since. Let's smash some WOD's together and make it a forever lasting relationship - hello Singapore!