We wished to provide quality training with quality equipment

Eleiko was the natural choice
first & only

We are the first, and currently only fully Eleiko equipped box in the whole of Asia. We were introduced to the beauty of Swedish steel whilst working out around Europe and had our breath taken away. We wish to provide quality training and with it, quality equipment, hence Eleiko was the natural choice.



We carry a wide range of Eleiko products that our members will (ab)use daily, among which highlighted are the world-famous Eleiko barbells and two customised rigs. We are also a certified showroom for Eleiko and at later stages look forward to further extending our range of products. 

If you are interested in any Eleiko products (or its affiliated brands), of any amount (1 barbell to 50 kettlebells) and discipline (i.e. weightlifting or powerlifting), feel free to head on down to have a chat with us. We have with us up-to-date catalogues and will be able to hook you up with the man in charge of international sales.



Last but not the least, Eleiko's famed education courses. We are the host venue for Eleiko international education events in Singapore and will be working closely with Eleiko to bring to our sunny shores these valuable learning experiences.