How fit do I have to be to do CrossFit?

Not at all! We welcome everyone: Professionals and advanced as well as total beginners, no matter what age, no matter which background. CrossFit training can be scaled to – we promise! – really every level. We all started at some point, and it is always worth it. So just walk in and give the best you have to become the best you could ever be.

I have a chronic physical issue – can I still do CrossFit?

Yes. Please let your coaches know what there is to consider and workouts will get adapted. We highly recommend rational physical activities with orthopedic issues, since the strengthening of the whole body helps with symptoms as well as with the origin of most problems.

Is it suitable for women?

Throughout the world, 60% of all CrossFit-box members are female. It is an amazing sport for women: Very soon you will notice how growing strength and an incredible overall fitness will boost your confidence, more than any shopping trip could ever do. Getting in a more than agreeable shape is a nice side effect (and by the way: Getting too bulky is an unfounded fear created by ladies who never lifted any weights in their life).

Can CrossFit help me with losing weight?

It absolutely can! The workout’s high intensity is, literally speaking, a burner when it comes to calorie consumption. Also, you profit from a remarkable “afterburn”. However, the success of a weight loss diet depends mostly on your nutrition. While working out and living an active life is great, be serious about your food intake and you will see results

Is CrossFit dangerous?

The training method itself is not dangerous at all. The danger lies in poor technique combined with weights that are too heavy for the current ability. So be strict with yourself when it comes to movement standards, and realistic when it comes to the working weight. Give your ego a nice break when you step to the barbell – there is this Russian girl out there warming up with your Personal Best anyway.

I do fighting/endurance/team sports – can CrossFit help me with that?

Passionate about something else? That’s great! If you “only” want to support your main sports by doing CrossFit, we congratulate you to this wise decision. Every discipline can benefit from the physical skills you develop with this methodology. Give it a try!

How often shall I work out?

That really depends on your goals. To reach a fitness level above the average, 2 to 3 sessions each week are sufficient. If you want to get serious strong, perform well in all the high level skills or even compete in CrossFit, we suggest at least 5 sessions.

Can I also work out by myself without attending a class?

The group experience is the heart of the CrossFit methodology. Working out in company will enable you to exceed your limits – you'll notice! But if you’d like to work on your weaknesses or to put even more effort in improving yourself, we encourage you to make use of our generous Open Gym hours. Please note that there should be no Open Gym activities during class hours.